Robyn Faust Gabe, Ph.D

Robyn Faust GabeDeath enters people’s lives on a daily basis whether or not we recognize it. Death is in the books we read, the songs we listen to, the fictional and non-fictional programs we watch, and on our bookmarked web pages. The media, society, and fantasy novel authors seem to glorify death. That is until death personally touches them.

Unexpected loss generates different, unforeseen consequences for all surviving family members due to the shifting in family dynamics. I lost my brother on February 13, 2006. He was twenty-three years young. I struggled for many years with the question – Am I still a sibling?  I was able to answer the question after undergoing a New Identity Transformation.  The journey for me began when I started the doctoral program. 

I am a recent Ph.D. graduate of Nova Southeastern College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. In my research, I explore intrapersonal conflicts that result from unexpected events/losses for the adult sibling. My research is dedicated to my brother.  

I am in the process of writing a self-help book on Unexpected Adult Sibling Loss.  When I am not working or writing, I spend time with my loving family.  Visit: