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Q: Why is the cruise amount more than if I booked it myself?
A:  We don't set the prices for the amount charged for the cabins/cruise amenities and all cost for programming, seminars, small group sessions, and activities create the full cost of the cruise.  Any "special interest" cruise has an added fee for the special programming and activities that are provided by the cruise hosts.  

Q: I am an owner of a funeral home.  What are my options for sponsoring a family?
A: You can choose a family who you would like to send on the cruise.  Several funeral homes are reaching out to their communities and sharing the information on their websites.  Others are offering a "free bereavement cruise" for two, through a drawing among the families that they have served.  You are welcome to share the information on your website and any social media that you participate in.  Please call for more ideas and information!

Cruise Planners is our partner and EXCLUSIVE travel agency for booking The Bereavement Cruise. You can not book The Bereavement Cruise through other agencies or direct with the cruise line. The Bereavement Cruise events on the ship are all PRIVATE and specially marked ID wrist bands are required to enter our workshops, small group sessions, healing arts sessions and group activities and other events.