Herb Knoll

Herb KnollHerb Knoll lost his wife, Michelle, to pancreatic cancer on March 7, 2008. As a bank executive, Herb was known as a man who could get things done. But when he lost his wife to cancer, he found few resources that could help him recover. When he asked a clerk at Barnes & Noble what materials were available, he was told, “Mister, we don’t have a damn thing for you!” WOW!

The more Herb learned about the plight of widowers, from their high suicide rates to physical and emotional problems; troubled relationships, careers and finances and more; the more he became motivated to write a book to serve them.  After nine years of research and with the help of over 40 widowers and an esteemed team of subject matter experts, lead by sociologist Deborah Carr, Ph.D., of Boston University, and writer/editor Robert L. Frick, Herb wrote The Widower’s Journey, a breakout guidebook designed to comfort and assist widowers and those who love them.

Herb knows how to help widowers heal, and now he’s talking. Herb’s presentations are lively, yet appropriately sensitive, expressly designed to comfort and assist widowers and the families who love them, in a way only a polished and seasoned professional speaker can deliver. Herb breaks down barriers that otherwise block widowers from discovering their better tomorrow.  As an advocate for widowers, Herb’s words are accepted by those fortunate enough to hear them, structured much in the way a guide serves those who are lost. Widowers trust Herb, in part because they recognize how, as a widower, Herb understands the challenges they face. Those who hear Herb’s compassionate message of hope, leave his presentations encouraged, and better equipped to move forward with their lives. Herb’s engaging personality provides an comfortable environment designed to encourage audience participation. The good news is, much of Herb’s expertise can help widows too.

Herb’s research and insights tackle the tough questions widowers need addressed including:

  • taking care of family matters when your wife is terminally ill
  • how men can process grief
  • keeping healthy during stressful times
  • managing a career while coping with loss
  • drawing strength from your faith
  • reentering the dating world
  • dealing with the issues that sex, dating, and marriage create
  • parenting as a widower
  • solving financial and legal problems
  • preserving your late partner’s memory for yourself and family and friends

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Brighter Days and Calmer Seas Ahead

Visit:  WidowersSupportNetwork.com