Cindy Barg

Cindy BargCindy Barg is a dynamic and internationally acclaimed public speaker, retreat leader, licensed psychotherapist & published author on loss, happiness & hope. In 1971, Cindy was told she would never be able to walk again or to be able to have children after a devastating car accident that killed her father and her family dog.  In 1995, Cindy’s brother was viciously murdered, one of the worst atrocities to have ever taken place in the state of Massachusetts. Through her grief and healing, Cindy has experienced extraordinary conversations and signs from the other side, confirming that those who have passed are still with us. Cindy shares these experiences with local and international audiences in the hope that her journey will provide hope and inspiration to others moving through the grieving process. Cindy has spoken all around the world, including Malaysia, China, India, Canada and The US. She has an extraordinary ability to help others grasp and gather the threads of their lives with a dignified hope. Abounding with humor, compassion & warmth, Cindy imparts that underestimating hope and happiness is not an option, even after loss.  Her book, But The Heavens Never Cried can be purchased online or viewed at