Trish Comer and Peggy Langenwalter, Co-authors of Wonder Widows-Three Grieving Widows Coming Together to Empower Women to Break the Silence of Widowhood.

Trish is a holistic practitioner and instructor for over 35 years in the arts of Reiki, mindfulness meditation, and hypnosis; all designed to promote harmony and balance. Trish was recently featured in a documentary on mind, body and spirit. She also has a forthcoming book based on harmony and balance. 

After having planned a very rich and fulfilling second-half of life together with her husband, Robert, of 36 years, he passed away after a quick and painful illness in August of 2014 that caused a shift in Trish’s plans. Between the grieving periods, she began the journey of creating the next best version of herself and has been inspiring other widows to find joy on their new journey by living life in harmony and balance.

During the next two years, Trish joined with Peggy Langenwalter and a third author, Jennifer Cox Horak. They began to meet at the round dining table in Peggy’s home and the three not only began a new journey of writing the Wonder Widows book, but one of shared tears, laughter, healing and friendship while rediscovering joy in life, once again. 

No one understands a widow better than another widow! It was during one of the conversations when Peggy asked a question that created a turning point for the direction of the book, “After family and friends return to their busy lives, the beautiful condolence flowers wither and dry up, and we find ourselves alone…what then?” They began seeing their book taking on an additional purpose--they knew they wanted to let other widows know they weren’t alone. Thus, the birth of the Wonder Widows - empowering women to break the silence of widowhood!

Peggy, drawn to natural healing modalities since childhood, incorporated a thriving massage practice for over 20 years into her busy life as a dedicated wife and mother of three.  Since 1996, Peggy has also taught the benefits of using essential oils and is a certified application instructor. She and Dan had just celebrated their 42nd anniversary and were happy with how their “golden years” plan was progressing. The first major shift in Peggy’s life happened the day Dan suddenly passed away with no warning. It happened in an instant and Peggy and sons have been honoring Dan by consciously and deliberately carrying on with life, appreciating every precious moment.

A second shift occurred as Peggy focused on the love and beauty that remained in her life. She continued to be connected strongly to her children and her grandchildren. Peggy also found joy in supporting her business associates to achieve their goals of a better life. Her philosophy of serving others has played a large part in her desire to share this book with new widows as a way to help them navigate this new path and realize they can once again experience joy after loss. 


Breaking The Silence of Widowhood