Tanya Lord

Tanya LordTanya Lord PhD, MPH. When tragedy strikes an individual, it is common for the impact to be life altering. It was for Tanya, a special education teacher turned stay at home mom when her son, Noah, had a devastating healthcare experience. This fired her desire to improve patient safety, quality and the patient experience. Combining her expertise in Quality Improvement and a passion for including all healthcare stakeholders, Tanya works locally and nationally improving care through better Patient and Family Engagement. Following Noah’s death Tanya further found her poetic voice.  Her writings illustrate the power of love’s connection to overcome even the deepest separation.

As the primary contributor to and co-founder of The Grief Toolbox Tanya’s expressive poetry speaks directly to the aching heart of those who have been touched by loss and brings comfort, understanding and inspiration to millions of people around the world.


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Finding Self Compassion