LYNDA CHELDELIN FELLAfter losing her 15-year-old daughter in a car accident in 2009, Lynda Cheldelin Fell was caught in a fog of shock and traumatic grief. Just when she started to reclaim her life, Lynda's beloved 46-year-old husband suffered a massive stroke, leaving him permanently disabled. Lynda journeyed to the extremes of human resiliency, yet determined to restore hope to her devastated family, fought hard to find a way back. Along the way she discovered that helping others was a powerful balm for her own wounds.

Lynda became an international bestselling author in 2013, and founded AlyBlue Media soon after. She created Grief Diaries Radio and Grief Diaries Live in 2014, was executive director of the International Grief & Hope Convention 2015 in Indianapolis, earned four national literary awards in 2016, wrote the curriculum Managing Grief in the Workplace in 2017, was nominated for five national advocacy awards in 2017, co-founded the International Grief Institute in 2017, and created the experiential workshop Resiliency Rx in 2018.

To date she has authored over 30 books on finding hope after loss. Now considered a pioneer in the field, Lynda creates groundbreaking projects dedicated to raising compassion and awareness, and inspire healing and hope that joy can be restored.

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