Franklin Cook

Franklin CookFranklin James Cook, MA, CPC,* is a private consultant and owner of Unified Community Solutions, in Boston, Mass. He is devoted to delivering peer support services to help bereaved people cope with a stigmatized death (e.g., from suicide or substance use) or any sudden death.

Franklin is a survivor of his father's suicide in 1978, and he has been involved in peer support for addiction recovery since 1981. He has been a grassroots advocate for systems change in mental health and addiction recovery services for the past 20 years -- and he has spoken and provided training nationally on peer grief support, establishing himself as a leader in the field. Franklin continues to deliver direct peer services to bereaved people in many forms (small groups, online, etc.), including via telephone (see Personal Grief Coaching ).

Currently, he is launching a new national initiative, Support After a Death by Overdose (, which offers presentations, training, and other services to families, service providers, and communities affected by the opioid overdose epidemic in the United States. Franklin maintains the After a Suicide Resource Directory; and he is a consultant to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s men's suicide prevention initiatives (e.g., Franklin serves as an MDPH Health Care and Safety Expert Consultant in peer grief support, and recently launched the Support System for Frontline Providers project, through which he is creating a comprehensive program to help service providers with the grief, trauma, and distress they experience from being exposed to multiple overdose fatalities. In addition, at the eight TAPS survivor seminars  offered annually across the nation, he provides peer grief support to families that have lost a loved one in the military.

* Franklin holds a Master of Arts degree (MA) in the humanities and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

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