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Diane SpeerWay to Wellness – Holistic Lifestyle and Integrative Health Education

Diane Speer, Founder and Director of Way to Wellness, is a pioneer specializing in the health science field of mindfulness with over 25 years in education, research and programming in the integrative healing arts and mindfulness. As a Yoga Therapist, Yoga and Meditation teacher trainer, Reiki Master, Grief Support Specialist, Aroma therapist, and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach she has served thousands with therapeutic lifestyle programs and professional trainings based in yoga, meditation mindfulness practices. Diane is no stranger to significant loss through her personal journey and professionally with clients. She has developed a repertoire of transformative lifestyle techniques and programs that educate about holistic health and healing for wide ranging specializations including mental wellness, stress, Hospice care, grief care and chronic disease management.  

Diane brings a unique blend of experience, understanding and practicality to all of her trainings, seminars and workshops, in a supportive and compassionate environment.  She partners with teams of therapists, health care providers, educational institutes, researchers, communities and businesses focusing on implementing a new healthcare paradigm representing the forefront of integrative mindfulness healthcare, empowering people to live healthier, more mindful and fulfilling lives. Diane is thrilled to be joining the Bereavement Cruise again in 2019 and will be offering mindfulness integrative healing arts workshops and small group sessions.

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The Art of Self Care

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