Onboard Workshops

We are very blessed to have our presenters join us on the 2018 Bereavement Cruise.  Each presenter will be sharing their time and their compassionate support with our guests.  All of the workshops will be suitable for any type of loss. Please see tentative workshop titles and descriptions below.  Please scroll below to see the special activities we have planned as well. We will continue to add workshops as we finalize them.

Mitch Carmody

Mitch Carmody

Proactive Grieving
Turning Loss into Legacy
The Faces of Grief
Sign and Symbols

Mitch’s workshops provide tools and insight on how to become an intentional survivor by using the power of your own vulnerability to catalyst resilience.  Mitch will address all aspects of our grief, physical/hormonal reactions, and mental duress/anxiety, spiritual connections and soul choices.  All aspects of the grief journey working together to survive trauma and tragedy and turning loss to legacy.

Robyn Faust Gabe

Robyn Faust Gabe, Ph.D

Unexpected Loss of the Adult Sibling: The Pursuit of Recognition

This workshop will include a discussion on the theoretical lenses of the hierarchy of needs and stage theory. How those theories may help explain why family members grieve differently over the same loss.


Cindy Barg

Cindy Barg

Signs From Heaven: Real Conversations Between Heaven & Faith

Come to this beautifully moving & powerful presentation that will ignite your belief that the soul never dies.  A weaving of storytelling about real-live conversations from the other side; how we know our loved one can hear us while exploring a deeper metaphysical understanding of death & loss.  Through her grief and healing, Cindy has experienced extraordinary conversations and signs from the other side, confirming that those who have passed are still with us. Q & A session at the end.


Celynn McClarrinon

Celynn McClarrinon, LSW

Time Heals All Wounds, and other Myths About Grief

Shortly after the loss you experienced, you probably became acutely aware of how ill prepared you were to deal with the conflicting mass of emotions we call grief. During this presentation, we will explore the 6 myths about grief that limit us in our ability to deal with the losses that affect our lives. These myths not only affect our grief but equally important, they keep us from dealing effectively with the losses that we have experienced. Myths, such as Grieve Alone and Be Strong are universality known yet they are not helpful for grievers. I will give you correct information to help you move beyond the pain caused by a significant loss.


Herb Knoll

Herb Knoll

"The Widowers Journey...Healing Hearts of Widowed Men and those who love them."

Author Herb Knoll, (The Widower's Journey) will explore with participants the private world of the 2.7 million widowed men in America and unique challenges they face.  The audience will learn from the nine years of research performed by Knoll and the collaborative efforts of 40+ widowers from across America as well as the expert advice provided by fifteen subject matter experts.  From finances to law, dating to sex, health to one's faith, (and more) widowed men and women will learn actionable steps they can initiate that will both comfort and assist them on their individual journeys.


Deana MartinDeana Martin

"Healing Through Grief"

Deana Martin a Childless Mother who lost her only two children in a tragic auto accident in Jan 2011, will take us through the grief journey she experiences and has witnessed in countless others. No grief Journey is the same, but there are some components that Deana will share that may sound familiar, you may have experienced some of what she addresses but never had to words to describe, nor did you realize others experienced the same.  Deana has found that analogies have helped her greatly on her journey and she will share with you some of her favorites to be able to draw upon during the dark times as they come.  Deana will bring us together on our journey no matter if we are a new griever or seasoned griever and remind us how vital we are to each other.  Deana leaves us with hope and a knowing that we are kindred spirits bound together by our great love for our lost loved one and our search for healing.  Deana reminds us that grief is a journey with no destination, but through this journey great learning and love is there for all of us willing to open or hearts once more.


Diane SpeerDiane Speer

Diane is thrilled to be joining the Bereavement Cruise again in 2018 and will be offering one on one integrative healing arts therapy sessions.  Diane will be sharing her expertise about transformative lifestyle techniques that foster healthy lifestyle habits for wide ranging specializations including trauma, depression and anxiety, stress, grief care and chronic disease management.